Monday, 24 September 2012

SN Rai- Lava Mobile- Director Promoter Entrepreneur

My Video with Shailendra Nath Rai, Or SN Rai, who is one of the cofounders and the director of LavaMobiles,  an India basedmobile handset manufacturer in india who sell + 8 million mobiles annually and have a 30% market share - they are focused on creating innovation in the mobile handset design in India.

Apologies- a bit noisy- however audible, i think - sorry about that!

Some of his insights:
-"our vision is to provide empowerment to people"
-"we invested on R&D and design side of the business and have +150 people in R&D"
-"we were able to fulfil local requirements such as Dual-Sim and Very High Battery- where most of the multinationals failed"
-"real action is in the bottom of the pyramid and should fit deep in corporate strategy"
-"82% of our components is sourced outside of India- only 18% is Indian- it has a high impact because assembly is a very small part of valuation- i cannot recover value only by this"
"Hardware based differentiation is going to be limited- cannot differentiate too much on things like touch, formfactor etc - and software is where the differentiation is- and thats where we have an edge over China"
"I am a supply chain guy and getting to know the unknown excites me"

With an excellent industry track record in the rural handset market selling +8 Million mobiles annually,, Lava is in the affordable smartphone ecosystem. The company aspires to be a leading player in the feature phone mobile handsets ecosystem by offering customers with a unique value proposition and in turn create immense value for its stakeholders.

Shailendra Nath Rai, co-founder and director, Lava Mobile is a business professional with over 24 years of varied business experience and is considered one of the leading professionals in Supply Chain Management in India today. SNR has been a part of a sponsored research project of 'Perpetual Supply-Demand Balancing' with the Indian School of Business.

SNR has also co-promoted Pacetel, a leading OEM supplier to Bharti, Reliance, Tata, Hutch, ZTE and other telecom majors.

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