Monday, 3 September 2012


Rohith ranks amongst my best conversations yet... Rohith has, quietly and wisely- I mean that literally- the word that comes to mind when one speaks to him is "Wise" - created a powerhouse Robosoft,  with+75 Million downloads (yes that is millions), with +600 apps on the mobile ecosystem IOS/Android/Windows etc. And guess what, this +400  people company is based in Udupi, off Mangalore- Disclosure:  I have a vested positive interest in Udupi -after all, that's where I proposed to my wife. ...All in all,  an absolutely unmissable conversation.

My apologies- i was running short of battery power on my main audio recording device (Zoom H4n), so had to in the middle of the conversation, start another recording (on my ipad) -  #rohithbhat, i can assure you- i found the conversation fascinating. You folks can notice the switch-over @4:15, hopefully the quality is still passable.

Robosoft was founded in 1996 by Rohith and has grown from a startup operation to a medium-sized company. Earlier, he had worked at Recosoft Corporation in Japan and Larsen & Toubro in Bombay. Working at these companies exposed him to the latest technologies and internationalization issues on the Mac OS platform and helped him start Robosoft. Robosoft began as a 'Mac OS only' development company but later started working on products for the Windows and Web platforms. Rohith has successfully negotiated for projects from clients like Apple, Intel, Phillips, UMAX and Hewlett-Packard. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Mangalore University.


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