Tuesday, 11 September 2012

RajivKumar Rocketalk Entrepreneur

My video chat with Rajiv Kumar, CEO Founder, Rocketalk, the multimedia, mobile social network with +18Million subscribers

"When we started 3.5 years ago, there weren't enough phones going around for our network to be supported" Our groups, such as "Mehfil" and "Antakshari" are serious winners- what we did with olympics is interesting- Google gave us a ringtone, and if you visit my profile, you can hear the olympic cheer...says he on the business model.

RockeTalk is India's No. 1 Mobile social network; known to have maintained by far the strongest audience engagement with over 400 million page views per month and has registered a remarkable count of +18 million Indian users and hundreds of thousands of communities.

RockeTalk is ahead of Facebook and Twitter on Mobile - Mobile Analytics Company Informate has released a report on Indian mobile usage and Mobile social networking. Using data over a period of six months, the study finds that RockeTalk is the most used mobile social networking application. Orkut comes in at a respectable second. Followed by Qeep, Facebook and Twitter. Airtel reported recently that almost 80% of data usage happens in non metros. If this pattern of usage is similar on other networks, the findings are not too surprising given that the popularity of Facebook and Twitter is mainly restricted to Metros as of now.

The interactive array services like voice and video blogs directly from mobile phone, sending of photos and video clips and live multimedia discussion forums are unique to RockeTalk. Its a phenomena on 2.5 G platform and is ready to rock on 3G

Rajiv Kumar, CEO & Founder, founded RockeTalk in Aug 2007. Rajiv is an IIT Mumbai Alumnus.Rajiv was the driving force behind the Bluetooth technology - Prior to RockeTalk, He founded Widcomm in 1999. Widcomm was an acknowledged technology and market leader in Bluetooth solutions.

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