Saturday, 1 September 2012

Rahul Shetty- IOS App- "GameYourVideo"- Entrepreneur

"Can you create an App that a 6 year old can edit video with?" this is the challenge that drove Rahul Shetty to create GameYourVideo , A Macworld2012 Best Of Show Winner and an Apple Iphone App Of The Week-  with 100K downloads and has been covered by Robert Scoble.

My video chat with Rahul Shetty, creator of apps @ Global Delight, with cumulative users of +20 Million including apps such as GameYourVideo

In Rahul's own words: "The rise of mobiles and social network has resulted in massive changes. The biggest change has been in the way people consume and create content. Content is what ultimately powers both the mobiles and social networks. Global Delight aims to power the content in this new space.  It invents new ideas and products in the space of photos, videos and music.  Game Your Video was created to solve the problem people have with videos" in this article.

A video demo of GameYourVideo is available here :

Rahul's Links
Game Your Video Demo
Game Your Video Link on Itunes
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