Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pushkar Chitale Mobango Appstore

My video with Pushkar Chitale, Product Head, Mobango, an independent App store- with 6 million subscribers and 1 million downloads daily... whose value proposition is in ensuring that your content or app doesn't get lost in the clutter in IOS or the Google Play marketplace with their hundreds of thousands of apps. They deliver the package- get apps to come on board, distribute and monetise.

The impact is expected to be in Indian mobile gaming industry which is worth ~ US$ 100 million and growing @40 per cent annually. This is just the paid downloads market through the telecom operator channels. Ad revenues based distribution of games is very popular in India, driven by very large number of free downloads of apps and games in India. Approximate apps and  games downloads are 3-4 million per day in India. This is through the prominent app stores including Mobango. India has close to 12-13 million social media gamers which is growing at 14 per cent CAGR. Sports games like cricket are in vogue as well as games in the action, arcade and Bollywood genre. The key difference between India and rest of the world is that most of the downloads are still on the Java platform with limited penetration of smartphone platforms like Android or iOS. This is already changing over the next 18 months. Current smartphone penetration is still 3-4 per cent of devices and this is expected to rise to double digits with the launch of several low cost Android devices.

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