Thursday, 20 September 2012

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The 7th Mass Media Channel, is how Tomi Ahonen describes the mobile phone-  -and Binay is a believer- here he talks passionately about why he is so evangelical about the mobile ecosystem. Some of his insights:

"I love the mobile world - consider Venkat, an app developer, who started to make 15X the salary he was offered by one of the leading IT companies that he did not take - and this was 3 months after he released his app"

"There are reasons why mobile markets are different between first world and emerging world- for instance, they are prepaid markets- hence devices are lower priced (though a feature phone (not smart phone) does video, audio and apps- so the difference is blurring)"

"We partnered with an israeli company - Codename One- theirs is a fantastic app where you can develop an app in java and the software then outputs native files for J2ME, Android, IOS, WindowsPhone7, and we partnered with Codename One to enable the Ad SDK in the same 1click which delivers monetisation across platforms without any coding"

"I m passionate about the internet derive my inspiration for the internet from Mukesh Ambani who spoke about how data would start getting used on mobile way back in 2002"

Binay is the Head of Marketing at, a leading Global Mobile Ad Network. His passion for the Internet has been the 'pole star' of his career journey spanning Tata Broadband, Vodafone & InMobi. Binay has over 9 years of experience in the Internet & Mobile ecosystem, across Product Management, Marketing, Sales Strategy and Business Development. He has a deep understanding of Mobile Internet usage trends, App distribution & monetization models, Telecom data VAS, and Android platform adoption in emerging markets. On the personal front, Binay is a tech news junkie, Formula1 racing enthusiast and loves traveling.

About VServ in their own words: "We are a leading global Mobile Ad Network, having grown from just two founders to a strong global team. We have been at the forefront of the Mobile Advertising revolution, in turn being evangelists, thought leaders and pioneers in this space.
With premium App Inventory on both Feature phones and Smart phones, we offer unparalleled reach to a wide demographic.
More than anything else, we love the Mobile Ecosystem and are very excited to play a pivotal role in increasing its relevance and utility for consumers, marketers, content creators and developers."

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