Friday, 28 September 2012

Ashutosh Srivastava- Emerging Markets CEO- Mindshare

My video chat with Ashutosh Srivastava, Chairman/CEO of APAC and Russia for Mindshare, a true doyen and a leader in the advertising world- great insights.

Some insights:
"People are doing multiple things at the same time- like playing with their mobiles whilst watching TV- challenge is for us and marketers who want to engage and sell to these people- for instance,do they pay attention to the ads that cost Millions of $ ?"

"Consumers access information wherever they go- so not just the shop, but wherever u go- this has made life difficult for marketers who have to track them wherever they go rather than being in front of them at 9 at their home when they watch tv"

"Adoption of mobile devices is changing the lives of consumers and their behaviour- wake up to mobiles, social netowrk, email, and this continues right thro the day"

"The complexity of connecting a brand with the consumer has increased"

"The opportunity lies in it being such a personal device- its far easier to connect  with the consumer, but only if you provide value- information, entertainment etc..."

On Accountability- "Traditional media campaigns on TV and newspapers- there are ways to measure exposure to consumer- once a month or in TVs case, weekly or daily basis, had an estimate of people being exposed to the brand- while you couldnt correlate that to results- like buy/recommend, norms evolved over time specially in FMCG- now, thats changed- because of infusion of tech into media- all devices are connected back to net and its possible to observe behaviour- second by second, minute by minute- all in Real time, so the ability to measure Return on money invested has significantly improved"

"The lines are blurring between the world of Branding  and the World of Direct marketing owing to the ability to pickup and collect data in realtime"

About Ashutosh- Ashutosh relocated to Singapore in August 2006 as CEO of MindShare Asia Pacific. He was previously CEO of GroupM South Asia and a board director since October 2004. Ashutosh helped set up MindShare India in 2001 and was its Managing Director until September 2004.

He led MindShare to a real position of strength in its first three years, helping win a host of new clients and making it a true ‘house of media' for its clients. Ashutosh has been in the communications business since he did his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Asia's leading business school.

Before long, he hopes to see media undergo a real shift to engaging with consumers rather than annoying them with interruptions all the time.

Ashutosh's Links:,the-fundamental-truth-of-our-business-is-talent-and-that-cannot-be-nurtured-overnight8217-ashutosh-srivastava.aspx

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