Monday, 17 September 2012

Alap Ghosh MobileAdvertising Komli Mobile

Alap Ghosh, is the strategy and publisher side head of Komli, one of the largest independent ad networks, that are present on display, search, social, video and mobile- and they have 250 strong salesforce, the feet-on-the-ground that are selling mobile advertising...he has seriously sexy insights on mobile advertising and how to make it business driven...a great watch...

Amongst the insights- "A big consumer brand created a mobile app for 1 lac and threw in 5 lacs for distribution-and the only thing they got right in this was the ratio between creation and distribution 1:5 " watch for more...

Alap's own Words on the Komli mobile website : "Coming from 12 years of working for organizations big and small, start-up and growth, Komli is where I have found a workplace that gives me the kind of peace and security that one seeks, for a rewarding career. The brilliant people, the stellar management and the overall sense of an urgent opportunity (and not frantic emergency) have driven Komli to where it is today, and will continue to take Komli further. I’m proud of being a part of Komli."

Alap Ghosh used to be the Head of Sales for Mobango, one of the contenders to the largest independent free app store. Alap has worked with several mobile innovators like Enpocket (mobile advertising) and Activemedia Technology (mobile loyalty) and is a veteran in the operator and consumer mobile applications domain. Having the experience of building and marketing large scale operator grade applications and nation-wide mobile marketing and advertising campaigns across hundreds of brands, Alap sees demands for great mobile applications in India rising to new heights, with smarter cheaper devices, mCommerce and technology savvy brands leading the way.

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