Monday, 24 September 2012

Abhi Naha-Author & Entrepreneur

My video with Abhi Naha, Entrepreneur and Author of the book "Essentials Of Mobile Handset Design" that he was in Delhi to launch...he talks about how he is creating a mobile phone for the blind- with new touch technology, etc

Sorry, a bit noisy, the environment- apologies!

Some insights :
"holistic design is key- the balance between hardware, industrial design, mechanical, software, apps and services, and the brand- all need to be packaged"
"there are 2 worlds- the first is the smartfone becomes lower priced, and the second is those that cannot use mobile phones today -284 million of them"
"Only 2-5% of the visually impaired know or use the braille"
"I want to make a positive difference- that drives me!"

Abhi Naha is the CEO and Founder of Zone V Ltd who specialise in empowering blind people through mobile devices. Previously he held senior management roles at Powermat and Idem. Idem is a Finnish handset design firm with over 100 million handsets in the market from four of the top Tier 1 Handset Oems in the world. Prior to that he was a senior manager at a Silicon Valley mobile touchscreen and user interface technology provider, Synaptics. Abhi Naha is an Ex Chairman of the UK based charity ’Beatbullying ' and Vice President and board member of the Communications and Manufacturing Association of India. He has also held advisory roles for Goldman Sachs and Silver Lake in the area of mobile handset user interface technologies. Abhi Naha holds a MBA from Aston Business School and BSc (Honours) degree in Electronics Engineering from Leicester University.

About Zone V in their own words- after all, they have Frank Nuovo the famous Nokia & Vertu designer and  on board-:
Oneliner:  "We will empower 10 million blind and partially sighted people through inclusively designed mobile phones"
They plan to design and take to market a range of inclusively designed mobile phones & apps which will address not only regular sighted seniors but also blind and partially sighted people.

They are Cambridge UK HQ and US based office in LA through their Chief Designer Frank Nuovo Ex Nokia Chief of Design.

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