Monday, 27 August 2012

Saurabh Chandra- Neev Technologies- Entrepreneur

My chat with Saurabh Chandra, Founder, NEEV Technologies, who talks about his passion for products and how thats translated to the business he has been in for 7 years.

In this chat, he talks about the game changing potential of Cloud Computing- whilst the concept of the cloud isnt really new, its only that the reality has caught up with hype- and essentially its about using technology- such as storage, bandwidth, read-writes, databases in a virtualized way without worrying about the underlying hardware, software.

Saurabh believes Cloud is a big boon for India- because it lowers the barriers to entry for product startups. In a Capital strapped nation like India, the ability for startups pay on usage, when they need it in small chunks  is a big boon- and the competence as well as the cost of building technology is drastically reduced.

He opines that new industries, such asEcomm, Storage are doing more with cloud- as compared to traditional industries such as  banking and insurance, where there may be regulatory issues. Cloud is disruptive- so, as new folks adopt and existing have to catch up.

he also talks about Neev and how 30% of Neev's business is from India- and he claims he gets same rates in india as he gets abroad.

His core message : " To Make Profits, Stop Making Losses"- obvious or profound? you decide...

You can find Saurabh on
and his company is Neev Tech

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