Friday, 24 August 2012

Sanjay Agarwala-MD Eastern Software Systems-Africa Guru

My video chat with Sanjay Agarwala, the cofounder and MD of Eastern Software Systems, an ERP services provider to Middle East and Africa- with a very successful business in Africa.

"In my 50 trips to africa, i can tell you each country is absolutely unique- and i find the markets open, warmhearted and great people to work with..."

"I went to Africa on a lark 13 years ago to Kenya, and both the people we got in touch with gave us business- and Indian IPR, Technology is respected- that was our WOW moment..."

"We have hubs in each part of Africa- East, North, etc... All of Africa is leapfrogging tech- unlike india- which went thro a slow path of - develop and then buy... Africa will buy the latest as long as its suitable for its size and environment- and they are immediately benefiting from the software."

"Africa is growing fast, large countries like China and India are pouring in money there, resources etc - Ghana is growing @20%...a lot of them are unsung stories..."

 Sanjay holds a Masters in Business Administration from The Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A) which is amongst the top business schools of the World. Sanjay started his career with Escorts Limited where he was involved with Corporate Market Research and Planning.

Subsequently he worked with CMC for five years where he was responsible for marketing of several mega projects including those to the Telecom, Indian Railways, Banking, Aviation, Education and Agriculture sectors. He was given the company's Annual award for innovative marketing and various other awards recognitions for his performance. Sanjay had the distinction of being the youngest manager in CMC at that time and was Regional Marketing Manager for North. In 1990, Sanjay and Anil came together and decided to set up Eastern Software Systems.

In the recent years, Sanjay has been committed to taking ESS to the international markets so the Indian Products can find their place in the sun. Under his guidance ESS's ERP ebizframe has already reached 25+ countries. He and Anil have been instrumental in building ESS from a start-up to a multi-million global corporation.

Sanjay is a member of some of the standing committees in ESC(Electronics and Software Export Promotion Council of India). He is also a guest faculty at some of the Management institutes in India.

Sanjay spends a lot of time nursing his plants and is passionate about his Bonsai collection.

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