Friday, 31 August 2012

Sachin Garg- Rawzor- IOS-Android Entrepreneur

"Programming is like composing poetry, its like making music..."- these words perhaps best describe Sachin Garg's passion about building great software. And this is the tagline on his personal website.

My video with Sachin, a young entrepreneur who is a passionate techie and is involved in a bunch of things which you can find out thro' his website- his startup, Rawzor focuses on photography and file compression- he started off creating a Zip for RAW Photography files, and currently builds IOS and Android Apps - which including  Fixphotoblur and FixPhotonoise on the Google Play store which have +200K downloads...

Sachin's Links are:
Linkedin :
Twitter :
His Personal Website :
His Company Rawzor :

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