Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Krishna Kumar-MD & CEO- Mindtree

In this video, I chat with MD &CEO of Mindtree  , KrishnaKumar Natarajan (KK), who has delivered a spectacularly successful earnings season on behalf of Mindtree  in the recent past.

KK talks about the prospects for Indian IT, he highlights the growth of India as a market for IT (24 Million SMBs in India that have < 1% IT penetration, and talks about IT as being a productivity and revenue booster for India Inc that will accelerate the growth of the Indian Economy.

He opines that the "dependence on business from the first world will continue. However the nature of demand is already changing- the first 20 years of IT was driven by cost reduction as the driver to demand. Today however, customers demand expertise- and outcomes that the IT partner can predict/commit to. IT Business model has moved from Talent to Expertise, and the nature of talent required has moved from order taking to order making"

He also unfurls a vision for product companies coming out of India- about how he sees a bright future for product innovation coming out of india- " There will be atleast 5000 product companies in india in the next 5-10 years... Already there are 500-600 product companies with unique products, and coupled with a huge domestic opportunity in the Indian SMB/Consumers, the ability to take it to other developing and developed is huge.

Finally, KK talks about his motivation  and what drives him-" my excitement is in creating something unique and beyond that in creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem- which i see as my way of giving back" Very motivating....

Mindtree's on Twitter where you can follow them.

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