Monday, 27 August 2012

Indus Khaitan - BitzerMobile- Investor turned Entrepreneur

My video with Indus Khaitan, who has been on all sides of the fence: techie, entrepreneur, investor, angel funder, back to entrepreneur. An interesting mix of stuff.

He talks about his startup Bitzer Mobile, about how he joined Morpheus, why he left  etc. And he has some sage advice for the entrepreneurs- " There is no money like customer money"- if a customer is willing to put $ value to what you deliver, thats something of value and without that, no point in going to become an entrepreneur. "Indian Entrepreneurs build without validation- and are afraid of being laughed at" - to be ready to be called out is something they need to learn.

Before this, Indus was with Morpheus which he joined in May 2009 and has hands-on experience in starting companies, product development, technology evangelism, and marketing & sales. He started Tejit, Inc., a semantic web discovery engine which was later acquired. Prior to Morpheus, Khaitan was the CTO of SezWho Inc., a Los Altos, California, based social media infrastructure tools startup. Indus has held senior management and technology positions at Symantec, Outride (acquired by Google), Guru Worldwide, Mindware/NEC, and VeriFone.

Links to Indus:

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