Saturday, 11 August 2012

Aditya Ghosh-Indigo Airlines-President

In this video, I speak to the guy who made Indigo the #1 airline in India- Aditya Ghosh , President, Indigo Airlines.

Indigo is India's most successful airline - they are the largest by market share, whilst being the most profitable... and yet, they don't look like other airlines- they don't have a Customer Loyalty program, for starters. They fly to the least destinations as compared to other airlines, they don't have perks other airlines enjoy @airports-like access to air-bridges, and they don't seem to think that the cheapest fare is the key to success - they don't about the "price sensitivity" conundrum that other airlines face ... And perhaps the kicker- they continue to make profits whatever the price of oil - even @ $150 barrel levels... their tagline says it all "On-time is a Wonderful Thing"

So, what gives?

This is what gives- a Maniacal focus on Team, Quality and On Time- their stats on Ontime are mind-blowing and has earned them best airline in the world on On-time has ensured that they have gotten to the coveted top spot in the hottest airline market in the world-India.

In this video, Aditya talks about how they reached their coveted spot in an industry that is so fraught with peril and bankruptcies, where the price of oil makes or breaks the p/l... One example he mentions of the kind of investments they are making to stay on top- They gave a $15 Billion order to Airbus on the day Airbus LAUNCHED the A-320.

So what? Just this- these new aircraft engines consume 15% lesser fuel- and because they ordered first, they will start getting delivery by 2013 - if you ordered it today, you would have to wait until 2021 to get delivery- an 8 year period when INDIGO enjoys 15% lesser fuel bills...all going straight to the bottom-line.

Other articles on Aditya/ Indigo on Economic Times and the Business Today cover story 

I have long since been a convert and a loyal customer. The one fly in the ointment? I cant have a piece of this pie. They are a privately held company- Rahul Bhatia/ Aditya: when are you going public? You can like them at Facebook

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