Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Simone Ross- EVP & Chief Program Officer, Techonomy

In this video, I chat with Simone Ross, EVP & Chief Program Officer, Techonomy. We are in a noisy restaurant in New York, where Simone is based.  So, apologies for the background noise...for those interested, the restaurant is Peels (Bowery & 2nd Street)

Simone has overseen the program for Techonomy since its founding. Prior to Techonomy she was the program director for Fortune's conference division, where she was responsible for the magazine's conference group programming efforts for the FORTUNE Global Forum, FORTUNE 500 Forum, Most Powerful Women Summit, iMeme and Brainstorm. Before joining Fortune, she was director of operations at the Computerworld Smithsonian Awards and a strategic communications consultant.

TECHONOMY , A conference in Tuscon, AZ, that hosts 250 technology leaders (including the likes of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates), is about the centrality of technology to business and social progress and the urgency of embracing the rapid pace of change brought by technology. It's an event that's hosted by the famous David Kirkpatrick, Fortune's technology commentator who has explored the ethos of Techonomy in this Forbes Article-  David is also the author of "The Facebook Effect" - see his interview here

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