Saturday, 12 May 2012

Hisham-Wikipedia India

In this video i chat with Hisham, a colleague from my Colgate (he was in Unilever) and Infosys days (we were both based out of london with Infosys) about Wikipedia's plans for india.

Hisham has since then worked with the Gates foundation on AIDS initiatives and is currently with Wikipedia. here he speaks about the worlds largest free knowledge project- with 500 Million users and one that's run entirely thro volunteers, 100,000 of them... he talks about the Foundation's aims to expand their scope in India and his efforts in doing that.

In Wikimedia's Barry Newshead's (Wikimedia's chief global development officer) own words- "India is a priority for the Wikimedia movement as it has a strong and growing community of Wikimedians building the Indic and English language projects. It is a country where the Wikimedia movement can achieve our mission and learn important lessons for achieving impact elsewhere. The
engagement of Hisham will enable the Wikimedia Foundation to pilot new
initiatives aimed at accelerating the growth of the community in India"- the entire link here:

Very interesting chat. Hisham has been written about in and can be found on and on Twitter @mundol.

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