Saturday, 31 March 2012

Jitin Goyal-Founder CEO of Snipple Animation

In this video, i chat with Jitin Goyal, founder and CEO of Snipple Animation. I know Jitin from my Infosys days... Jitin talks about his businesses, and his personal journey "The only difference between madness and genius is success"... he claims!

Jitin is the Founder, Managing Director and CEO of Snipple Animation. Jitin has more than 16 years of experience in industries ranging from banking, IT Services & online social media to animation & filmmaking. He has worked in India, UK, Europe, Middle-East & Africa and the United States. Apart from Snipple, he is also the Founder & CEO of Elpis, a vertical social network focused on environment, sustainability & community development, and Occam Technologies , a mobile applications and gaming company.

Earlier, Jitin was  a Vice-President at Infosys Technologies, a leading IT Consulting & Services company, where he was the driving force behind the company’s expansion in EMEA. Further back in the 90’s, Jitin was an FX derivatives trader at Citibank N.A.

Jitin is an avid art collector, a keen movie buff, a voracious reader and a fitness enthusiast. He owns an extensive film and music collection. John Lasseter, Hayayo Miyazaki, Akira Kurosawa and David Lean are some of his favorite filmmakers. Jitin is a die-hard fan of Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin. His favorite food is the Mongolian barbecue. Jitin is also an aspiring writer and is working on various scripts and a collection of short stories.

Jitin lives with his family in London, and travels extensively- he is on linkedin ( ) and his handle on twitter is @jitin001

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