Saturday, 4 February 2012

Rakesh Godhwani-Creating a 800 Cr Endowment Fund for IIMB

I have a very exciting conversation with Rakesh Godhwani, CEO IIM Bangalore Alumni and Fundraising office.

Rakesh has infused an entirely new life and passion into the Alumni activities of IIM Bangalore which has taken off . Here, in this video, he talks about his audacious goal of raising 800 Crores over the next 10 years for IIM Bangalore's Endowment Fund and some of the stuff he has planned.

He also talks about the stories and his inspiration for writing his newly released book Plunnge which is available on which promises to be fascinating reading.

Finally, this conversation is also about Rakesh's personal journey. He graduated from IIMB, worked with corporate high-paying technology jobs and then followed his passion to create and build something new and live a dream.

All in all, a fascinating story. You can reach Rakesh on his email

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