Friday, 17 February 2012

MukundMohan AngelInvestor

My conversation with Mukund Mohan , serial entrepreneur and Angel Investor who has had 3 successful exits after which he turned Angel- he has invested in multiple companies and is looking to invest in more. His investments include Bluberry Retail (restaurant), Plivo, Social Hues and three others-an e-commerce venture, a SaaS developer recruitment platform and Kinetic Brains.

Here, he talks about what he looks for when he invests and gives good advice to entrepreneurs on what they need to look for when they choose investors. An interesting conversation

He also shares his personal journey- of 16 years of the US, running a $ 250 MM business for HP and his startup Buzzgain.He founded and sold BuzzGain, a leader in Do It Yourself PR, to Meltwater in January 2010. He has founded and successfully sold 3 Silicon Valley startups in the Internet & Enterprise software market.

He studied at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County pursuing a Master's degree in Computer Science and holds a Bachelor's degree in engineering and computer science from the University of Mysore.

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