Saturday, 11 February 2012

Burrp- Differentiation thro' User Reviews- Vishal Anand

In this Video, i chat with Vishal Anand, the Head/Director of Burrp about Burrp's business and his own journey.

Burrp is a leading local search service provider with 1.5 million users like me who depend on it for their decisions on where to go, where to eat and which TV channel to watch etc... Their key competitive differentiation is in the volume and high quality of user reviews they have. They are present in 12 cities and have feet on the ground on each of these cities and are looking to expand, of course.

Vishal talks about the model, how it works, how they are different and what the future holds. He also talks about his personal journey- he has spent ~15 years in the US in Seattle, and has worked with Real Networks- remember them- the Real Player? and Infospace.

Vishal is based in Mumbai

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