Monday, 20 February 2012

Anil-Ex-CEO of IPL's KingsXI Punjab talks about Preity Zinta & Lalit Modi

In this video, I speak with Anil Srivatsa, exclusively about IPL, his stint as the CEO of KingsXI Punjab, Lalit Modi and Preity Zinta. Anil, who has had an amazing career in the media industry, went on to become the CEO of IPL team KingsXI Punjab at the behest of Lalit Modi, resigned, and now evangelizes the democratization of radio and is looking to bring back his talkshows. An amazingly multifaceted personality and extremely articulate, Anil talks about his stint as the CEO of Kings XI Punjab, the IPL cricket team.

During his 17 years in the US, Srivatsa also served as CEO (USA) and Head of International Marketing Operations at RTV UK, where he successfully launched several South Asian networks in Europe and the Middle East. Prior to his stint at RTV UK, Srivatsa was Director of Cricket and South Asian Programming at Kelly Broadcasting, where he oversaw the creation and development of the Cricket Channel. He is the pioneer of internet radio as well.

Anil's current passion is about evangelising radio stations for different businesses thro his businesses, and you can find out more about that and about Radiowalla andSpotradio in another video. on the same blog.

Anil has the @awaaz twitter handle.


Murali said...

Perhaps your best video till date, except for the background noise. You asked a question and let Anil speak, not necessarily i agree with what he says.

Rajeev Suri said...

Thanks Murali