Tuesday, 17 January 2012

InMobi- A Global Innovation Coming out of India- AmitGupta-Cofounder

You have perhaps heard of InMobi, a Company that is a poster-child for Indian innovation on the global stage, that is well on its way to become a global giant in the mobile advertising. InMobi has recently been given a turbo boost of $200 Million by Softbank- in this video, i chat with Amit Gupta, co-founder of InMobi.

Amit spearheads InMobi's growth efforts by focusing on strategic alliances as well as managing publisher relationships. He has also played a key role in developing the company's business strategies and entry into various geographies.

Prior to InMobi, Amit founded Analyticsworks, a company focused on business intelligence and which he brought to profitability before starting InMobi.

Amit has also worked in a Bay area startup, Andale, where he successfully contributed in developing the business strategies and processes of the startup. He worked directly with the CEO to help initiate new areas of revenues for the company. Amit also gained deep insight about how to leverage technology to enable business during his early professional years.

Amit completed his undergraduate studies from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT). Amit loves explaining any complicated topic to a novice by articulating relevant real life examples.

The growing usage of mobile phones in the developing markets inspired Amit to co-found InMobi. Amit aspires for InMobi to be one of the globally successful internet product companies emerging out of India.

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AJ said...

Have known both Amit and Rajeev from close angles; awesome interview and awesome blog !