Friday, 30 December 2011

Krishnan Ramaswami- Stanford PhD- Bringing the 3D Experience to Mobile P...

Krishnan Ramaswami has created an App CardzCreator that has been downloaded 2.4 million times on Android and Java Appstores (and he has done all this without being present on the Apple store which he is releasing in a few weeks). He is a PhD in Robotics from Stanford University and has a Masters in Engineering before that from Indian Institute of Science (IISC)- he is the Founder Entrepreneur and the CTO of 3DSoc, , a company funded by IDGVentures.

3D Solid Compression (3DSoC) develops 3D products for the mobile space. Powered by VIS, the world’s most concise 3D representation, their platform and applications enable easy consumption and sharing of 3D content on mobile phones..

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