Friday, 18 November 2011

Mirjam-The SocialEntrepreneurship Awards & the Schwab Foundation.m4v

I caught up with Mirjam Schöning at the WEF India summit at Mumbai this week. Mirjam heads the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and has been involved in this space for 11 years.
Mirjam was here as a part of the 2011 Indian Social Entrepreneurship Award which was awarded to Neelam Chibber of Industree, Bangalore
Mirjam talks about whats happening in India on Social Entrepreneurship, how that compares to the world. She opines that the entire Social Entrepreneurship movement has evolved over time- one of the Entrepreneurs told her after a recent WEF China summit "I did not have to explain the term social Entrepreneurship even once at the event".
She also talks about her passion for Social Entrepreneurship and why she left her Bain Consulting job to do this.

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