Sunday, 20 November 2011

TheNextDecade for Indian Media- MediaGuru-SUKU.m4v

Suku is a doyen of Indian media- with extensive experience on all sides of the media industry . He jointly runs AIDEM media, which has extensive properties in the Indian Media Industry.

Here, he talks about what the coming decade means for Indian Media- what are the key trends, and what will that mean. He describes how India is one of the few nations in the Billion dollar club this year, and talks how digital will have to make peace with TV, which will continue to be the dominant media channel for Indians.

He also describes how india will continue to be a huge source of growth for the media industry due to various factors.A great video to watch to get a quick snapshot of the Indian media industry from a Guru.

Trailblazing a new business- Microventuring-KarthikReddy.m4v

Karthik is trailblazing a new business model through his Blume Ventures -he is enabling Micro Venturing, and he has already funded a dozen companies to varying extents - $100K (50 Lakhs) to $250K (1.25Cr)

Most capital providers work on larger size funding requirements- so what's Karthik's vision, and how has he structured it so he will be successful?

He talks about the viewpoint, explains a couple of ventures he has funded and describes how everything about his business is different- an extremely fascinating and innovative conversation- a great listen.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Mirjam-The SocialEntrepreneurship Awards & the Schwab Foundation.m4v

I caught up with Mirjam Schöning at the WEF India summit at Mumbai this week. Mirjam heads the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and has been involved in this space for 11 years.
Mirjam was here as a part of the 2011 Indian Social Entrepreneurship Award which was awarded to Neelam Chibber of Industree, Bangalore
Mirjam talks about whats happening in India on Social Entrepreneurship, how that compares to the world. She opines that the entire Social Entrepreneurship movement has evolved over time- one of the Entrepreneurs told her after a recent WEF China summit "I did not have to explain the term social Entrepreneurship even once at the event".
She also talks about her passion for Social Entrepreneurship and why she left her Bain Consulting job to do this.

Does an MBA degree kill Entrepreneurship? Reuben Abraham, Professor @ IS...

In this provocative conversation, Reuben Abraham, Professor, ISB Hyderabad and I chat on the sidelines of the recently concluded WEF India summit at Mumbai. We talk about the MBA mindset in the student and in B Schools- and conclude that the B-school does indeed kill Entrepreneurial aspirations

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Piyush Tewari- Social Entrepreneur.m4v

India loses 18 people every hour to road accidents- the highest number of road accidents in the world. This is the biggest killer in the 25-40 age group, the most productive age and costs the economy 2.7% of its GDP.

Piyush Tewari through Save Life has chosen to change this- and he has given up his promising corporate career to the cause.

After losing a 16 yr old cousin to a road accident, Piyush set up SaveLife, a social entrepreneurship organisation dedicated to providing assistance to Roadside victims in the "golden hour" after the accident

Hear how his implementations have gone in Thane and Delhi and what he is doing

Ramesh CFO Lupin Pharma on Corporate Reporting

Ramesh is the CFO or Lupin Pharma, and here he talks about his approach to corporate reporting.

Here, he talks about his viewpoint - he quantifies the qualitative aspects of business when he does reporting- and he goes on to describe how he does it- through a couple of examples

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

The TATA Way-Anant Nadkarni.m4v

The way i was welcomed by the Security guard at TATA Motors made me stay at the TATA group for over 30 years" Says Anant Nadkarni, Anant Nadkarni, Vice President, Group Corporate Sustainability at Tata Group

In this fascinating conversation, he discusses how Tata's approach to business is different, and why TATA is such a force for good.

In his role in facilitating a council of managing directors of almost 45 major Tata Group Orgs, he evangelises the TATA way and, as a part of this talk, articulates why doing good is not dichotomous from doing business.

He gets into the Neeti, Nyaya and the Neeyat elements of how the TATA group works.

Do Board Directors understand their Companies? Charles Tilly-CEO

In 30% of Companies, Directors dont understand their business- a shocking study by BlackSunPLC reveals.
In this conversation with Charles Tilly, CEO, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), I discuss why this is and what can be done to mitigate it- Charles explains what can be done through examples and anecdotes...

Coffeeday Interactive touch tables- Rajeev Suri-Vision.wmv


Indian Companies have an instinctive view on sustainability already- and hence there is a wonderful link between Tomorrows Company and India, says Tony Manwaring, CEO, Tomorrows Company, who is launching the UK's leading think tank, Tomorrows Company in India

Luisa ForceforGoodPioneers Tomorrows Company

Luisa is setting up the ForceForGoodPioneers Forum for Tomorrows Company- which is a very interesting way to get experts and the youth involved inSustainability, leveraging experts in Sustainability and the social platforms- hear her discuss the example of Lend-Lease and their Elephant and Castle redevelopment story as an example...

Monday, 7 November 2011

Pat@TomorrowsCompany-Global talent, Reporting & Inclusive Development.m4v

Pat Cleverly is with Tomorrows Company, a London based ThinkTank and is responsible for initiatives- here she talks about the 3 initiatives Tomorrows Company has brought out on Talent, Integrated Reporting and Inclusive Growth
She identifies the key findings and the best practices and practitioners in each of the three.