Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Game Change in Indian Politics

Interesting Analysis by Liz Mathew on how Rahul is consolidating his power inside the Congress party...

My insight- whilst I completely endorse Liz's optimism, I for one, believe that Rahul already has all the power he needs! He is, by design, staying away from formal roles. Let us not forget, his mum is the most powerful person in India today- without needing to have an official position or a portfolio.

I have been an outside observer (I am not connected to any political party) in the recently concluded Tamil Nadu IYC elections and have written about the details behind what is happening in the IYC. For more explicit details about what exactly is the IYC election process, i have 6 blog posts on my blog @

I see this movement, started as program "Vistaar" in 2007, as a significant game changer in the medium run- i predict a significant impact as soon as in 2014 Elections!

Why? The single biggest thing this represents is a replacement to the nepotistic/ patronage culture endemic in all politics of India, with a straightforward, if-you-have-won-the-IYC-elections-you-will-get-the-party-ticket-to-contest, a simple, equal opportunity, easy to understand way to make it in Politics.

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"Assertive Rahul Gandhi wants to have more seats for youth!"
- Assertive Rahul Gandhi wants to have more seats for youth! : Have You Heard (view on Google Sidewiki)


gautam said...

I don't think he playing game changing role in India politics. His comments on Bihar govt's performance during recently concluded elections were out of line. More of same old politics was being played by him which of course people saw through and rejected him resoundingly.

I would like to know on what basis do you make the conclusion that he is playing a game changing role.

Rajeev said...

Gautam, thanks for your comment-i was an observer at a couple of IYC elections, and, based on what i saw there, i am convinced what Rahul is doing is game changing.

think about it this way- there is no way to get an MLA or an MP seat with a big political party without going thro a 10-15 year process that is very unfair and very opaque- what's happening at the IYC, seems to promise more change than what has happened before... hence its game changing.