Monday, 8 March 2010

V-Rahul’s Transformation of the Indian Youth Congress : Keeping the Engagement going..

This is the fifth in the series of posts about the transformation in the Youth Congress in india. In this post, I blog about what Rahul and team intend to do with the members, once recruited and how they will keep the engagement going , and what actually happens on the ground. To go to the first post and follow this series in sequence, please click here.

Looking forward, once Rahul has approximately 20 Million youth enrolled across all the panchayats, what will he do with them? Currently, the IYC members are mobilised for Dharnas, protests, and an occasional blood-donation camp, but not much else. The key issue is the brand- if these folks start to do their own thing, and that may include unsavoury things like bullying etc, it sullies the brand and the reputation. Hence this is something that they have thought about.

The membership will play a strong mobilising role in the IYC election process, that is intended to be repeated every two years- and by the way, the IYC membership is an annual membership- if you are >35 next year, sorry mate, you are no longer eligible.

Finally, the IYC members will also be deployed on the ground in any mainstream elections/ bye-elections. Council, Panchayat, Assembly and LokSabha...

In addition to the above, they also have annual activity programs which have the following as a part of their key result areas ( KRAs) :

All members are put through a day’s training, which is intend to infuse leadership development, identify social capital development and focus on the brand and the rewards.

The elected leaders, 5 at each Panchayat and 10 in each ward will be responsible for Recruitment of more members, and specific leadership and brand building activities.

They also have a “menu” of 7 activities, including increasing RTI requests, aimed at curbing corruption, increasing enrolment in NREGA, increasing livelihoods of rural populace, blood donation etc- of which they choose their specific activity and ensure that they do a few activities on them, which is also in their KRAs.

Though thought has gone into this process, my sense is that this is still work in progress, in part because the entire organisation is focused on getting thro the transformation process in all the 35 states and union-territories. Watch this space...

The next post is about the implications of this transformation process.

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