Friday, 11 December 2009

Stage fright with Social Media?

Interesting points Morgan makes about overcoming stage fright in starting out on social media.

I would add the following three points that may not have been thought about...

1-the biggest thing about these tools is that they allow for 2 way dialogue- which means, be prepared for all kinds of stuff to be written in response to what you write- including spam- which you can remove, negative comments -which you shouldnt remove... in particular, dont remove negative comments- thats a big turnoff

2- be prepared to be directly active- these tools are not about someone else writing your stuff for you- you have to be much more an author than you perhaps are now...

3-comment/ write on other people's stuff- there is an ecosystem out there, and everyone wants comments, feedback etc- not just you- so oblige a few, and they will perhaps oblige you...also this kind of a thing takes a while to build before folks start commenting...

happy joining the bandwagon...

in reference to:

"Overcoming social media stage-fright"
- Overcoming social media stage-fright - Morgan McLintic on PR (view on Google Sidewiki)


Zen said...

:-) Ahhh, now I know where some of the gyaan on social media you gave to the entrepreneurs last month was coming from.

Zen said...

I liked the Morgan Mcclintic article you linked to - totally identify with some of the stuff there.

Haven't even started postig on the 'Escape Velocity' blog yet, and I have already made 5 people read through the initial posts to make sure that they are interesting, relevant and sensible !