Friday, 16 October 2009

Mobile Applications- The Next Frontier

There are plenty of reasons to be cheerful about mobile applications . I for one, am particularly excited about the implications of the emerging trend of integrating information already available on the phone into the application- ref this article from Daniel Terdiman @ Cnet

My contention is that In nations such as India ,which, alongside China is amongst the worlds largest mobile phone markets, this trend will really be game-changing.

The 2012 Gaming app on the iphone, breaks new frontiers in terms of integrating information already on the phone into the gaming experience- with features like the ability to call 3 contacts for your "lifelines", a la Who Wants to be a Millionaire!

In my opinion, the integration of GPS, the contacts list, the Camera, and other data on the phone alongside the internet is already game changing in terms of where the future value in the mobile device can be unlocked, and gives rise to an entire new "aware" engagement in social situations- something that will explode in societies that are very socially active and mobile focused- and where data and voice access price-points are ridiculously cheap, eg India.

All, in all, a Trend to Watch!

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"The future of iPhone games"
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Swaroop said...

I've been following the mobile app market for a while now, especially with my own company (hopefully) launching one soon.

Somehow I don't share the optimism -

Will you be attending ?


Guru said...

good points in your post, Swaroop- viewed at from a startup entrepreneur's position, i would agree, however, i was articulating from a broader perspective.