Monday, 5 October 2009

How to Brand Yourself Without Alienating Your Company

Good issue this- how to Brand yourself without Alienating your company.

I would perhaps like to separate two things- 1)your ability to create a profile of yourself on the web (using Linkedin for instance) and 2)your urge to comment or otherwise articulate your opinion (blogging, tweeting and commenting)

Whilst Linkedin and building up your profile, getting recommendations and connecting with a wide variety of people is fine, and is good branding, there is a challenge If you are articulating your opinion.

Apart from the lucky ones who "are" the company, it is rather difficult to get around the conflict between the personal brand and the organisation- this is true regardless of how much of an overlap there is between what you want to opine about and its direct relevance to the company you work for.

So, unless you use a pseudonym (which sort of defeats the purpose ), despite all your protestations about your view being yours only -the brand police will come after you. And larger the organisation, the more the difficulty

Hence, if you work with a large organisation, unless you have prior permission, and trust yourself not to make any boo-boos every time you blog, tweet or comment, i would suggest you prudently abstain, unless of course you want to give your competition an excuse to alert the brand police...

Of course, you always have the option of being your own boss, and opining all you want...

in reference to: How to Brand Yourself Without Alienating Your Company (view on Google Sidewiki)

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