Monday, 15 September 2008

“Hot, Flat and Crowded”: Tom Friedman and the art of Setting the Agenda

Just heard a review from the Scientific American
podcast on Tom Friedman's latest book, " Hot Flat and Crowded". By all accounts, this book looks to full of Tom's incredible ability to help us picture, in vivid colour, his insightful views on the implications of the three global megatrends of Climate Change, the Rise of the Emerging Markets and the Population Explosion- He argues that the country that will take a lead in getting into Green Energy Efficient game will be the next superpower of the planet.

However, this post is not about the book itself, but rather the timing of the launch and the release, and the potential implications. It was launched in End Aug/ Early September, sort of around the time the Republican National convention was going "Drill baby Drill", in their support for offshore drilling. Tom himself has, thro his conversations, positioned his ideas into the policy making and the political implications of this including in commenting on the "madness" of drill-baby-drill policy as well as in appearing on the NBC Meet The Press programme.

In launching this very topical book right in the final run-up to the US presidential elections, Tom has ensured two things:

  1. The insights from this book, in particular, the recommendations for the future are going to be a direct part of the ongoing debates, and perhaps more important, play role in shaping the presidential agenda going into January.
  2. He will sell a lot of these books.

Very Smart, Tom! Way to Go.

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