Monday, 9 July 2007

What is this blog about?

After 12 years of large corporate experience, listening to and contributing to various conversations, i am giving in to the temptation to talk, something deep rooted about me (hey, dont ever give a marketing person a microphone!)...

What do i intend this blog to be about?
there is more than enough infomation about marketing floating out there, so i cannot make this blog a generic "marketing" blog, but will have to specialise (how i wish i could travel back in time, not too long- just about 3-4 years ago, and have started this blog, and now be an acknowleged guru on the subject with sky-high technorati ratings)

So what will this specialisation be about? i am looking at the following areas:

1- marketing as it relates to business success
2-marketing's leverage from emerging markets

why the above 2?
because they were the first 2 that came to my mind...
Seriously, the first relates to how marketing links back to corporate strategy. I am a firm believer in the adage, business success (and in some cases, survival), is the sole reason for the existence of marketing, and unless what we do in marketing can link back to that, i would have serious reasons to worry about survival of that marketing function- this interestingly enough, means that marketing is first of all the business's job, and the "marketeers" exist only to enable, coax and bring the orientation out.
The second relates to marketing's changing paradigm -arguably, plenty already is going on with reference to onboarding Web 2.0 elements (conversations, podcasts, blogs, secondlife, third party endorsements, user experiences, etc), however, what is a potentially interesting area of exploration is the implications of emerging market leverage to the marketing function.